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Adzshare Classifieds Guide is a free classifieds website to buy and sell cars, properties or find jobs in abu dhabi, uae.

If you are familiar with classifieds websites then surely you will get straight onto the business of buying or selling but if you are new to all of this then this classifieds guide may help you to get a better understanding of how actually works.

In every deal you either buy or sell Or you do both, same business principle applies at It’s a free classifieds website where you can buy or sell anything including cars, properties, kitchen appliances, furniture, baby/kids items, toys, clothes, shoes, accessories, jewellery, watches, computers, books, games, DVD’s and movies, phones, PDA’s and Tablets etc. But hang on, this website is not restricted to only products. You could also find any type of services in your location e.g. painter, plumber, electrician, interior decorator, interior designers, cleaners, mover or removals, medical clinics, auto workshops/ mechanics, daycare or childcare centre, nurseries and beauty salons etc.

Buyer: By simply browsing the Classifieds Ad Categories and its sub-categories at you could pull all the ad listings which have been advertised by people in your location of Abu dhabi. You could also refine your search results by using a search form provided in that each specific category you visit. Please remember that no product/service is being sold by adzshare. is a user generated content website. Read more about how to stay safe at

Seller: So, if you are looking to sell your products or services then someone out there is actually looking to buy them with a real need, which would make you extra profits by just placing free ads at If you are new to then register now for a free account, however if you are already a registered member then simply pick a relevant category where you would like to place an ad, provide the relevant information in quick to fill up form and submit an ad in just less than a minute.

TIP: Always place your ad in the correct category to get the maximum response.

Register today to start placing free unlimited ads at any of our categories. Following is a description of all of our main classifieds categories and what they are about:


Property For Sale In Abu dhabi

"Property for sale in abu dhabi" is one of our main classified ad categories where you can find current listings of abu dhabi properties for sale. Property market in abu dhabi, uae has always got something new and more to offer to everyone whether you are looking for a perfect home or investment opportunity. In this category you can also search for commercial properties for sale in abu dhabi, land for sale in abu dhabi as well as residential properties for sale in abu dhabi.

Property For Rent In Abu dhabi

"Property for rent in abu dhabi" is highly fast paced and one of our most viewed classifieds ad category which helps you find all types of property rentals available in abu dhabi, uae. You can search for any type of apartments, house or villa for rent in your location of abu dhabi.

We also have listings for "abu dhabi room share" or "abu dhabi rooms for rent". You can search for furnished or unfurnished rooms in any areas of abu dhabi. Short term rentals are mostly apartments or villas which are fully furnished and usually are inclusive of all bills, however short term rentals sometimes have minimum stay period of 3 months. In any case where you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for then it might be worth placing an ad in the wanted section, where you can specify what you are looking for, so potential abu dhabi landlords can get in touch with you.

Autos-Motors In Abu dhabi

"Autos-Motors" category is all about cars , 4x4s, motorcycles, trucks, vans, boats for sale or rental in abu dhabi. You can search for any type of new or used cars for sale in abu dhabi. But most of these autos are used vehicles in abu dhabi, uae, which you will purchase from a private abu dhabi based autos seller. You will also find the ad listings for used cars for sale from local auto dealers in abu dhabi, uae.

Listings for car hire or car rental in abu dhabi would also be included in this section. Browse through to get the best deal on cheap car hire in abu dhabi or you can search for luxury and executive car hire deals in this section.

Number plates and auto accessories for sale in abu dhabi are also available in this section, you can buy or sell abu dhabi number plates all at one place.

Jobs In Abu dhabi

Every big city will always have a huge demand of jobs and this simply cannot be ignored by adzshare classifieds website. "Jobs" category is full of all types of jobs available in abu dhabi. Just simply pick a job sector and browse down its sub categories to get the relevant jobs you are looking for. Due to the nature some of the job vacancies go really fast so keep checking the latest jobs at Some of the examples are IT jobs, Banking Jobs, Engineering Jobs, Real Estate Jobs and Hospitality Jobs etc.

Community Abu dhabi

Social needs cannot be ignored and are very vital. Adzshare "Community" category is great help for your local community to get connected and be aware of everything of what’s happening or what’s around them. you will find many community activities in this section such as kids clubs in abu dhabi, yoga classes in abu dhabi, dance classes in abu dhabi, health clubs in abu dhabi, as well as DJs in abu dhabi, artists in abu dhabi, english learning class in abu dhabi, arabic learning class in abu dhabi, best deals and packages in abu dhabi, lost and found stuff in abu dhabi, and many others.

Services In Abu dhabi

Where there are people, there are needs. You never have to go anywhere to find a professional service when you need them, just simply browse our "Services" category and you will find it all in your location. For instance, every now and then we need some kind of handyman services in our homes. Moreover, it offers free marketing to small businesses. This section is particularly helpful for abu dhabi auto workshops, abu dhabi mechanics, childcare in abu dhabi, day care nurseries in abu dhabi, beauty parlours in abu dhabi, hair salons in abu dhabi, painters in abu dhabi, builders in abu dhabi, interior decorators in abu dhabi, bank and finance companies in abu dhabi, tuition lessons in abu dhabi etc. In case you want a particular service in abu dhabi, simply place a service wanted ad explaining in details what kind of service you are looking and what sort of budget you have, this will allow service companies to get in touch with you.

Stuff For Sale In Abu dhabi

Every house has a clutter of unnecessary items which you don’t need any more. Looking to de clutter your home or commercial premises then look no further, buy and sell all types of items in abu dhabi, uae. Anything from home appliances for sale in abu dhabi, electronics for sale in abu dhabi, furniture for sale in abu dhabi, white goods for sale in abu dhabi, sofas for sale in abu dhabi, washing machines for sale in abu dhabi, fridge freezers for sale in abu dhabi, TV for sale in abu dhabi, office equipment for sale in abu dhabi, toys for sale in abu dhabi, rugs for sale in abu dhabi etc. Don’t forget to place a "stuff for sale wanted ad" in case you didn’t find anything you are looking for. Always remember if you are thinking of buying it someone out there is thinking of selling it.

Business In Abu dhabi

We are looking to turn this into a massive resource to help new or established businesses. Business in abu dhabi is one of our most vital category, you will find business partners in abu dhabi, uae or search for an investor in dubi, uae for your great next venture. Biggest thing in abu dhabi is to search for the business set up company so you don’t have to go through the hassle of busy govt offices in abu dhabi, uae. Search for all types of business set up companies in abu dhabi. In the case you are looking for a local sponsor check out our Local sponsor section to search for your next local sponsor in abu dhabi, uae. Once you have dealt with business license process you will need an office space in abu dhabi or commercial premises for rent in abu dhabi, you can check our commercial section in properties for rent in abu dhabi or you can go for the option of serviced offices in abu dhabi in this section of business in abu dhabi. In the case you are searching for a specific type of business services you can place a free wanted ad so the business companies can get in touch with you directly.

Pets In Abu dhabi

Yes we are talking about those soft fluffy things that we all love to take care of as our pets. You will find everything to do with pets in this section. We have pet accessories in abu dhabi, pet food in abu dhabi, lost and found pets in abu dhabi, pet sitter in abu dhabi, dog walkers in abu dhabi, as well as pets for sale in abu dhabi and pets for adoption in abu dhabi.

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